The Yuan Dynasty: Tea Dynasties In Ancient China

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Yuan Dynasty The Yuan dynasty was a dynasty during 1279 to 1368 in China. A dynasty is a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock or group. The greatest ruler of the Yuan Dynasty was Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan. Yuan is pronounced how it looks, (yoo-ahn.) The Yuan dynasty was the very first foreign dynasty to rule all of China.
During this dynasty many important inventions were created. The flamethrower was made during the Yuan Dynasty, but was first used during WW1. Gunpowder bombs are represented by the Gunpowder Empire. Some items that still exist today are tea pots. Though tea pots are still alive does not mean that everyone uses them. Tea pots were made to boil their tea. Today we have water heaters and tea bags. Back when dominoes were made they were used like playing cards or dice. The games they played required great skills and strategies. Today, many people use dominoes to play games such
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They continued the Song Dynasty’s styles. Because the Yuan dynasty did not bring any new cultures or styles, they continued to build the Taoist Temple. The Taoist Temple was a place of worship to Taoism. This is where many ceremonies were held for the Taoism people. Taoism is a religion from China that believed death is simply the transportation from being living to nonliving. Before the Yuan dynasty began, the Song dynasty ruled parts of China. Following the Yuan dynasty came the Ming dynasty. Today, the Yuan dynasty is known for the Yuan coins, and dollars. The Yuan Dharma is the most outstanding literary pieces in China. The Taoist Temple is still standing today. Today it is a tourist attraction for China.
The dynasty came to an end, due to Zhu’s army being captured. Zhu is another ruler from the Yuan dynasty. His army went to battle with the Dadu army. The Dadu army had the victory and captured Zhu’s army causing the dynasty to

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