The Zelectric Motors Case

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Question 1 a). In order to make decisions about an entry strategy in Scandinavia, Zelectric Motors needs to, first of all, collect information on its current customers in the U.S. The background customer characteristics data that Zelectric should request can be divided into a) demographic characteristics and b) socio-economic characteristics (Hooley, Piercy, & Nicoulaud, p. 213). Demographic characteristics include gender, age, geographic location and subculture (“major subcultures used for segmentations purposes are typically based on racial, ethnic, religious or geographic similarities” (Hooley, Piercy, & Nicoulaud, p. 215)). Socio-economic characteristics on the other hand are data on income, occupation, standard of education and social…show more content…
Besides, the main driving sales force of the ZelctricBug is not about the technology, but rather about the philosophy (+image) of the car. Second, having a dynamic product line, rather than a single product. – “The best position is some innovative technology, with a great initial product, and a big list of follow-on products that can be commercialized to keep ahead of competitors.” This is to some extent realized through Zelectric Motors’ product range of other electrified car models. Though it is lacking supplementary products that can be purchased along with the car (here one has to remember, that a car is a rather long-term used product). Third, “Dramatic cost improvement for cause”. This does not apply to the ZelectricBug, because it is a product which sales is not determined by its price, because it is a ‘high-end’ product, whose image is based on the fact that not everyone can afford it - this gives the owners of the car a…show more content…
The main focus of a CSR campaign in the promotion of the ZelectricBug would be the fact that it is a recycled car. The environmental advantages of having an electric car have to be clearly pointed out in order to grasp a Scandinavian viewer’s attention. At the same time aspects of the particular ZelectricBug in other terms of CSR should be shown, such as it being a recycled car and is ‘saving waste’. Furthermore, one can show Zelectric Motors’ CSR in the production and operations processes. This is related to the above mentioned main CSR focuses, but again, because it is a ‘recycled’ car, there is limited waste disposal through its production. It can also give a brief impression of the clean production process and (even though only very superficial) employer welfare (e.g good working conditions). Another beneficial thing to add in a campaign, could be a life cycle analysis. All in all, a good CSR (display) is very important when entering into the Scandinavian market, as it is comparatively highly valued by consumers. It shows the ‘doing good’ of the company which raises its image and at the same time prevents possible adverse

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