King Arthur: The Zodiac Killer

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During the late 1960s and 1970s in California (Zodiac Killer Biography,, there was a serial killer named the Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac crimes usually happened in areas that were either private or closed so that nobody would see him kill the people for example in a parking lot of the Blue Rock Springs and Lake Herman Road (which were both in Vallejo). The Zodiac is responsible for 5 deaths (Zodiac Killer Biography, Usually after the crimes, the Zodiac would send letters to the newspapers and tells them to print the cipher. If they do not listen to him and do not print the cipher, he threatens that he will kill again. The first person the Zodiac attacked was a college student called Cheri Jo Bates. She was…show more content…
First, Arthur Leigh Allen. Arthur is the most man tied to the Zodiac suspect. They did not charge him because there was not enough evidence. Also, the movie “Zodiac” is about the Zodiac killer. Who ever watches this movie will be very convinced that Arthur is the Zodiac Killer. In 2002 (Who is the Zodiac,, Arthur had a DNA test, which confirmed that he is not the Zodiac, but he might have made someone else lick his stamps and letters. Arthur had problems with children. He harassed a young boy. Therefore, he was arrested on the 1st of October 1974. We never know if he was the Zodiac Killer because he died in 1991. Second, The Unabomber. Ted Kaczynski is another suspect with is also knows as the Unabomber. When the murders were happening, he stayed at the Bay Area. He was also homicidal/related to murder and sent some letters to the newspaper like the Zodiac. Third, Guy Hendrickson. On May 3rd 2009, a girl named Deborah Perez said that her stepfather is the Zodiac killer and that he took her with him to two of the attacks (Dad was not the Zodiac, But, the witnesses of the crime said that they never saw a child with the Zodiac. Guy passed away in 1983 (Who is the Zodiac, because of cancer, and he lived in Orange Country, which was a few hours away from San…show more content…
The Forensic evidences where: Genetic traces, DNA tests, analyzed handwriting and fingerprints. Also, Dr. Cydne found saliva traces under a stamp and could replicate a DNA sample to test. In 2002(DNA Analysis,, they found genetic material on one of the envelopes holding the letters he has sent which cleared that Arthur is the Zodiac. Arthur Leigh Allen was arrested because he was the #1 suspect of the Zodiac and many people thought that it was him, but then he was released without any charge. In my opinion, I think that neither of the suspects were the Zodiac Killer. I think that the Zodiac Killer planned all his crimes and murders very carefully, step-by-step so that he would not get caught. Even though he sent many letters to news media, he might have let someone else work for him which sent all his letters or licked his stamps, etc. After all of this research, I am really curious and I really want to know who the Zodiac Killer is and how he got

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