Zombie Apocalypse: A Short Story

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The world was full and covered with the undead. It is a nightmare trying to roam around, anybody won’t last a minute out there. The Zombie wasteland was listed as one of the richest place in the world. There were three people traveling around the cities trying to survive the so called apocalypse. The three stopped in some small super market just to sleep the night away. “Can we really survive this apocalypse?” Marie asked her two companions. “I mean we are literally running from place to place without any assurance of being saved or getting cure.” “We just need to be optimistic and maybe we can find other survivors.” Mikee Khoury replies. “Just go to sleep we need to be early tomorrow.” “Yeah I know but I was just thinking of the possibilities…show more content…
They went to sleep after the tour. Mikee then woke up early because someone called again. He rapidly went to the rooftop of the tall safe house. “Can you stop calling?! I’m already at their base, I just need their trust a little bit more.” Mikee stated angrily. “You need to hurry up Agent Mikee! That file contains the formula of the cure for that phenomena, if you want to save that place you should hurry up!” someone shouted and hung up the phone. After giving the safe house a lot of stolen loot. They finally got their full trust. One night Mikee snuck up to the leader’s office and opened the laptop to get the files, he successfully opened the files, he read the file and discovered that the file was not to make the cure, it was a weapon to destroy the whole city. Mikee was very angry at someone. He rapidly went on the roof top and tried to call someone but they didn’t answer any calls, so Mikee went rushing down to the leader and the people inside the safe house. “We need to evacuate this place right now.” Desperately shouting. “Please listen to me all of you, we need to get out of here or we all
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