The Zoos Will Survive Analysis

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All over the planet, there are different types of animals, and half of the animal species are endangered. Not only that, but some species are almost extinct. But luckily there are some people that are ready to help these creatures. According to “The Stripes Will Survive” by Jacqueline Adams, “The Zoos Go Wild” from No More Dodos, by Nicholas Nirgiotis and Theodore Nirgiotis, and a video called “Behind the Scenes with the National Zoo's Lion Cubs” zoos are the ones that protect animals. All in all, the sources have different and similar ways in supporting that the zoo's role is to protect animals. Although the sources have similar evidence, they still have different ways. In “The Zoos Go Wild” instead of the author talking about being safe and protected there was a different idea. According to the Nirgiotis “Willie’s keepers wanted him to be happy” (Nirgiotis, pg. 3). None of the other stories showed this type of evidence. While on the other hand in “The Stripes Will Survive” the author shows how the zoos make a difference. This difference is that “The WWF believes that the number of Siberian tigers in the wild has doubled since the antipoaching patrols began” (Adama, pg. 2). These are some things that are not shown in all textual information. A difference that is found in the video is that there are…show more content…
One of them is that all the authors concluded that the zoos protect animals. Like it says “ need to protect Siberian tigers” (Adams, pg. 2). This is visual in all other sources two. Although it might not be the same exact words, the meaning is still same. Another similarity is that all texts involve providing all to the animals. In the other story it says “They hung an old tire from a wall of his cage and put a television set in one corner. They hoped these toys would keep Willie from being bored.” (Nirgiotis, pg. 3). This shows that all of the texts and video have some similar evidence

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