Theatre Influence On American Culture

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Even though theatre is fictional and can be perceived as both unimportant, and a negative influence on society, theatre had the biggest influence on American modernization for three main reasons: Theatre is a huge contributor to literacy and education, it positively altered the identity of the American people, and it encouraged existing trends and set new trends.

Let us begin by talking a little bit about Modern American theatre. It helps when contemporary e While emulating the current lifestyles of the people, American theatre also sets new trends which alter the identity of the people. Trends do not just occur with types of clothing, they occur within languages spoken and specifics in relationships between people. For example, personal
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Theatre contributes by providing a history with an incredibly vast range. I have found much more information on theatre compared to my research on general American history. Also, as an actor, theatre’s contributions not only come from it’s history but from hands-on training. Actors get to experience various historical acting methods created by memorable figures such as Kabuki, and Stanislovsky. Honestly, theatre is so underrated in my opinion. Sure, people might respond by stating that film is very popular, which makes up for theatre not getting the recognition it truly deserves. However, there is a clear difference between theatre and film, each with their own advantages. Theatre is never performed in the exact same way. Something changes in every performance even if it is subtle, and that is what makes theatre unique. Theatre performances are a one-of-a-kind experience. They are a chance for people to put their issues aside and let themselves get captured in the world of the play. In a very specific sense, it is almost magical. I, myself, have been influenced by theatre. When attending plays in Chicago, or at the Krannert Center for Performing Arts, I am surprised at how captivated I become with the performance as a whole. Actors, who become the characters with their individual qualities, putting on plays as a strong ensemble is remarkable. There is a sense of unity among actors. It is inspiring to see total strangers bond and put on a great show. Branching off of that, it is clear that the main way theatre influenced American modernization was through demonstrating not only unity, but resiliency. There were many moments where American theatre could have collapsed, such as the World War I and World War II
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