Theatrical Techniques In Rushmore Film

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After reading the screenplay for Rushmore, Bill Murray desperately wanted to be in the movie and even said he would do it for free. According to online sources, Murray was only paid about $9,000 for his role as Herman Blume despite his outstanding portrayal. One can guess that his main reason for taking the lowest pay grade was because he saw the movie for what it actually is: a piece of art. Most movies need to make up for the plot with eccentric costumes or breathtaking backdrops but Wes Anderson’s movie does not. Contrary to other films, Rushmore manages to combine a variety of theatrical techniques that help tell the story. In every scene, Anderson’s attention to detail shines through the story and allows the audience to look for understanding…show more content…
In every scene, Anderson uses colour to express the mood of the moment. At Herman Blume’s twins’ birthday party, for example, the pool water is a shocking green colour. The colour of the water is not simply referring to the fact that the family does not take good care of the pool, but it suggests that the pool represents Herman’s life (Lawson). Just as the pool is full with leaves, Herman’s life is cluttered with unwanted debris, like his cheating wife or annoying sons. By using colour as a way of expressing characters without words, Wes Anderson enables audiences to look beyond what the characters are saying. Moreover, when introducing characters, Anderson always has a close-up with the actor’s face. In real life, faces are the first thing people see when meeting someone new. From that first glance, a bias is developed and there is a connection. In one simple shot, Anderson manages to give a personal aspect to character introduction, thus separating his movie from others. Another technique that makes the film successful is the fact that Anderson puts details into his movies. Rushmore’s main character, Max Fischer, makes a good point when he says that “every line matters” (Schwartzman). In Anderson’s movies, every line does matter, as well as every prop, costume, and extra. The little details are what show dedication and passion
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