Theatrics Of Grit

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The Theatrics of Grit Have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite movie or play? First, there are three things that you need to know about acting. Nearly every actor you have ever seen started their career on a small stage. Many movies are adapted from stage plays, and many books are adapted into stage plays. A lot goes on behind the scenes, so here are three ways that acting requires grit with perseverance, passion and F.E.A.R. First, one must be perseverant to act. To begin, one must have perseverance to learn their part in a play. For example, memorizing lines takes a lot of time. Thus, I have devised a technique specifically for memorizing lines. First, you must read your line three times, then read the line or action before your line, followed by your line and the line after yours three times, then read the entire page three times. After doing this for every page one to three times you should have your lines decently memorized. Second, blocking is another issue that…show more content…
(Face Everything And Rise) to act on stage. Foremost, many people have stage fright. To break things down, people with stage fright must face their fear to step into the spotlight. Thus, if you cannot face your fears, then you cannot act well. Subsequently, one must also face other fears such as the fear of disappointing others. From experience, I can say that through the course of a play, one becomes somewhat attached to their fellow actors. Thusly, if you are afraid of disappointing your fellow actors, the anxiety may cause you to back out or forget lines. Postliminary, one may also have a fear of failure, which can be hindering. For instance, if you are afraid of failing, then you may become a self-fulfilling prophecy and cause yourself to fail. Therefore, you must face this fear to overcome the obstacles presented and become a good actor. To recap, one must face all fears and adversities to rise to the occasion and be a good
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