Theft In The Kite Runner

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Theft is an integral theme in the novel ‘The Kite Runner’. In The Kite Runner, Baba, the main character’s father, introduces the idea that there is a universal definition of sin. He warns his son, Amir, that “there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft, every other sin is a variation of theft.” Baba’s explanation acts as a form of foreshadowing. As Amir looks at Hassan through the window, he is only able to hear Baba’s voice. In the book, Amir is sitting on Baba’s lap, obediently listening to him with admiration. It focuses more on what Baba is saying and Amir’s thoughts rather than the behavior of Baba. The readers are not aware of the slight shift in tone or any other behavioral characteristics. In the movie, the actor who portrays…show more content…
He was helpless as he needed the kite as trophy for his father, to prove that he is ‘Baba’s perfect son’. Amir is further instigated by his guilt and greed to hide the watch under Hassan’s pillow, thus stealing the truth from him. Shadows and darkness are once again used in this scene to emulate the shift from the innocent friendship Amir had with Hassan to the guilt and shame that he bears as he walks in the shadows with his head low, as though in shame. As he moves towards the quarters, he glances towards the sides. Amir’s particular body language shows that he wants this deed to be seen by no one. Thus, glancing towards either direction to make sure that ‘the coast is clear’. He deprives Hassan and Ali from the house they have served faithfully for a long time, thereby stealing the truth from Hassan and depriving them of a home they knew well. Amir is driven by both the greed for his father’s attention and the guilt of being helpless when Hassan was raped. The reason why he couldn’t remain under the same roof as Hassan was because he felt guilty that he hadn’t tried to stop the rape and save his friend. The reason why he couldn’t step in to save his friend was because he was not strong enough and wanted to please his father at any
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