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. MONITORING THEILERIA ON THE BASIS OF MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION 3.1 Introduction Theileria is a vector borne protozoan parasite that causes theileriosis which is a fatal disease for cows. It is a disease of tropics. Theileria poses a serious challenge to the exotic crossbred cattle population. T.annulata and T. parva are considered to be the most pathogenic species of theileria. Tropical theileriosis is one of the most prevalent diseases of cattle caused by T. annulata. It is transmitted through Ixodid tick of genus Hyalomma. Occurrence influenced by the abundance and distribution of the main vector and the presence of cattle, the main host. In recent years, the effects of global weather change on the epidemiology of vector borne diseases like malaria have started receiving increasing…show more content…
Microscopic examination of the blood smears revealed that 8 samples (44.4%) out of 18 were found positive for the Theileria. In Raipur and Subhashnagar block we found 12 samples (30.0%) positive for the Theileria. So in the preliminary survey overall 20 samples was found positive for the Theileria and it shows 34.4% prevalence of Theileria (Table: 3.1). Area Studied Total No. Examined Total No. Affected Prevalence % Graphic Era Herd 18 8 44.4 Raipur and Subhashnagar Block 40 12 30.0 Total 58 20 34.4 Table 3.1:- Prevalence of Theileria on the basis of microscopic examination in different location of Dehradun district 3.3.2 Results of Experimental Study: The study was carried out in cross bred cattle in different location of Dehradun district, Uttarakhand, India during the year Jan 2011- Mar 2014. A total of 301 cattle were observed during the study to find out the occurrence of Theileria and find out the prevalence rate in different seasons in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. A. Clinical Signs

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