Their Eyes Are Watching God Literary Analysis

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“Their Eyes are Watching God” novel consisted of a woman that didn’t know love, it seemed to be very rare in her defense. She allowed people to influence her better judgement. She hoped and had faith that at some point the right time of love would come. When it all came down it to it she believed for better but in silence. This story blocked out feminism, it detailed into a world where women couldn’t compare to men. Janie allowed her grandmother to drive her into a relationship in which her grandmother saw fit. Janie was lost when it came to men, she unknowingly went into the relationship with Logan Killicks. In which Logan was much older than Janie and felt like he deserved respect. Janie resisted the commands he tried to shove at her. He wanted her to work but Janie thought otherwise. Janie stated “Ah’m just as stiff as you is stout. If you can stand not to chop and tote wood Ah reckon you can stand not to git no dinner.” Janie didn’t see why she should have to do any work of that nature. Logan felt that a relationship consisted of domination over the woman. After Logan, Janie was just as lost as before. She went on to meet Joe Starks who was really no different. Joe had a…show more content…
Teacake was a free spirit and he made Janie feel free to, because Teacake didn’t force Janie to do anything Janie loved to work alongside him. Although Teacake was Janie’s first love he still carried a bad characteristic that her other husbands did, Jealousy. He questioned her a lot but the tables turn when Janie sees Teacake flirting with another female. Janie discovered a lot within all of her marriages. She really loved Teacake but that doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t come with other pains too. In every marriage it shared a death. It set Janie free each time. Janie was faced with a big obstacle with teacake where she was forced to kill him, it hurt her but she still seemed to be set free in the end of the
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