Their Eyes Are Watching God Quotes

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THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SWEPT AWAY BY THE WAVE OF TECHNOLOGY AND DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET OUT. “He kept getting trapped behind iPhone zombies, people half his age who wandered in a dream with their eyes fixed on their screens…. A young woman stopped abruptly at the top of the stairs and he almost crashed into her, glared as he brushed past-she didn’t notice, enraptured by her screen” (160-161). 2. FINDING THE BEAUTY IN A PLACE, AND ENJOYING WHAT’S AMAZING ABOUT IT. Use the word awesome and describe how I only save that word for God and for his works that bring forth beauty. “‘After I was shot, when they told me I wouldn’t walk again and I was lying in the hospital, I spent a lot of time thinking about civilization. What it means and what I value in it’” (183). This quote is Frank telling Jeevan that people need to recognize the beautiful creatures and landscapes around them; to…show more content…
A wash of violent color, pink and streaks of brilliant orange, the container ships on the horizon suspended between the blaze of the sky and the water aflame, the seascape bleeding into confused visions of Station Eleven, its extravagant sunsets and its indigo sea. The lights of the fleet fading into morning, the ocean burning into sky” (228). This quote, I believe stems off of what Frank was saying he valued in life. Even during Miranda 's’ final hour of her life, she still had the strength and willpower to witness one of God 's most breathtaking moments ever made; she pushed aside her pain from the Georgia flu, and let the sunset bring her grace, and calm her. Quote from Robert Brenneman’s essay, “True art goes way beyond entertainment - it Provokes” (6). Quote from Laura Stroup’s essay, “Earth’s climate would stabilize as carbon emissions were reduced to zero, water overuse and air pollution would cease being major concerns, water quality would improve, and endangered species and wild landscapes would recover”
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