Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

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The above quotation is an example of one of the plenty literary devices, which is the opening lines of the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, written by Zora Hurston. Briefly the novel is about a woman, Janie, searching for unconditional and true love. Throughout the novel and her life she experiences different kinds of love. Janie eventually attained her own independence and freedom as a result of her pursuit for this love, meanwhile others judged her simply because she is bold enough to achieve her own freedoms. Metaphors and foreshadowing are dominant elements throughout the novel, and due to them the reader can understand easier the ideas, sentiments, and thoughts of the characters, making a creative and unique novel.

As the first quote stated at the beginning of this analysis, it shows a wise metaphor that Hurston uses to reference dreams that men have and their journeys to pursue them. It means that men’s desires are away from them and they can barely see them. Some men get what they wish for, but other men never achieve them. In contrast, women wish for reality, which is precisely what they get and then they act in conformity with what they have. Here, the narrator shows a fundamental difference between genders. This complex quote is not only a metaphor, but it is also a foreshadowing. The quote indicates the theme of the novel, while men never really reach for their dreams, women can control their wills and chase their dreams as the principal characteristic
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