Analysis Of Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

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In this story “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston I think this story is not a feminist novel. The females/ Women doesn 't have a say so of what they do.The men don 't treat the women with respect but see them as a object to get. Joe does not treat janie right. Some people who read this novel feel like it 's a feminist novel but it 's not because the females don 't do anything back or have a word back to the men because they go off the man. Janie’s grandmother didn 't play when it came to Janie she stayed ahead of her marriage, love and security. The way janie grandmother felt for janie she didn 't want to see her get hurt so she made sure she had the right man but joe wasn 't the right one. Joe was bossing her around and…show more content…
The security of them both was real close Nanny made sure that she had someone to keep janie with and made sure that she was not in the way. Nanny thought janie was safe with joe because she liked joe and thought they was perfect for each other she did it to make nanny happy. She didn 't want to marry joe but it was for her. Nanny has high hopes that Janie will marry and be a legitimate wife. And...that 's it. That 's the sum of her hopes for Janie. She asked nanny what type of love should it be between and wife and her husband Nanny can provide no answers. That sort of love has never been a part of her own life. Logan Killicks can offer this child security with his 60-acre potato farm. Nanny sees no need for the love that Janie asks about. A month after this conversation, Nanny is dead, and Janie is alone and unloved. In conclusion, in the story “Their Eyes Were Watching God” this is not a feminist novel. This novel is based on finding love and janie finds that but is messed up at the end. She gets with tea cake and she ends up killing him Nanny would have liked it because he stayed with her but he hit her so she would 've told janie to stop seeing him or leave from him. Though she 's put on trial for murder, she 's pronounced innocent. After Tea Cake 's funeral, Janie returns home
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