Their Eyes Were Watching God Janie Character Analysis

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In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston it shows that there was a struggle for the main character Janie and how she was trying to find love but had different views on love through the 3 marriages she has already been through.

Janie has been through a lot of things since she was first introduced in the novel as a teenager trying to find love and then suddenly her grandmother sets her up with a farmer ,Logan killicks that’s basically twice her age,When she married him he was treating her well for the first time until they started arguing and threaten to kill her for not obeying him.

Then she leaves logan for an ambitious man joe starks and he takes jane to Eatonville where she lives a wonderful life as the wife of the mayor then finds out that he has a rigid definition of women while he refuses to hear others opinion and when joe gets older he puts everyone’s attention on jane because he says she acts to young for her age.With all the criticism going on from joe, jane finally cracks and lashes out on him insulting his manhood and crushing his pride and refuses to see janie on his deathbed so janie still goes to see joe and speaks her mind to him
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in conclusion Zora Neal Hurston was a well known writer during the Harlem Renaissance her most famous novel their eyes were watching god was a story about discovering what love really
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