Their Eyes Were Watching God Janie's Relationship Essay

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The novel “Their eyes were watching god” takes place during 1937. This time period is shortly after the women’s rights movement, and this is very critical to the novel and its characters as well. Janie, is a women of a new era and she is expected to do more than just domestic chores, she is expected to have opinions and feelings. Janie, is always the leading role in every relationship. Tea Cake plays a very significant role in her life but she always is always the main focus. Tea Cake is crucial in Janie’s life because he brings a sense of self-realization in her life, she is presented more maturely in this relationship significantly, and lastly the relationship empowers her greatly. After leaving two previous marriages, Janie seems to have finally found love when she meets Tea Cake and this relationship provides…show more content…
Both her and Tea Cake are not bound by the laws of society. "Things lak dat [age] got uh whole lot tuh do wid convenience, but it ain’t got nothin’ tuh do wid love." (62, Hurtson) When Tea Cake expresses his feelings about this sensitive topic, it makes Janie like him even more and she recognizes that she is grown now and is more care free and not as worried about her surroundings. Furthermore, she is mature enough to appreciate this new relationship because Tea Cake is very open and honest with her. Lastly, being till the end with tea Cake, empower Janie as a women and she is finally comfortable being alone. Before tea Cake even come Janie has a sense of being a prideful and strong woman. However, upon Tea Cake’s arrival she reaches a different level of spirituality. He helps her grow by making her comfortable to express herself. He also shows a great deal of value to her which raises her self-esteem. At the end when she has to end his life, it shows how she has become so independent and finds security within

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