Their Eyes Were Watching God Language Analysis

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In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston utilizes figurative language to express how relationships and experiences influence self discovery. Hurston creates mesmerizing literature through skillfully implementing elements such as personification and symbolism. Their Eyes Were Watching God exemplifies Hurston’s courageousness to speak the unaccepted truths about society. Hurston details Janie’s development into womanhood using symbolism and personification. The pear tree in the beginning of the novel symbolizes Janie’s transformation from young girl to young woman. Hurston writes, “It had called her to come and gaze on a mystery...” (10). Hurston personifies the pear tree, giving the tree sensual qualities, which lure Janie towards womanhood. Janie’s subconscious realization of womanhood while under the pear tree shows through the personification of her thoughts: “Now they emerged and quested about her consciousness” (Hurston 11). As Janie discovers her womanhood and kisses Johnny Taylor, Nanny awakes and scolds her, signifying “the end of her childhood” (Hurston 12). Hurston symbolizes the moment Nanny called Janie as the moment Janie’s childhood ended. Janie’s experiences and relationships with Nanny and Johnny Taylor, influence Janie’s change into a woman. Through Hurston’s…show more content…
Zora Neale Hurston conveys this message through using the figurative language elements, symbolism and personification. Janie discovers her strength through experiencing hardships in life such as, abusive husbands, deaths, and tragic experiences. Relationships with people Janie encounters affect her views on herself and life, influencing her opinions. Janie learns of certain realities and truths throughout her life. Zora Neale Hurston builds upon Janie’s character to develop an experienced, independent woman, who realizes the faults in
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