Their Eyes Were Watching God Maturity Essay

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Being mature is usually correlated with older age, but that’s not necessarily correct. Everyone has been told to “grow up” at some point, have been expected to be sophisticated no matter their age. Maturity does not depend on age because parents raise children in varying ways and have experienced unique learning opportunities, and strive for incomparable goals in life Someone’s childhood can affect the way they act in the long run. As a child, my parents took me to fancy restaurants and museums which taught me how to behave in a mature manner and, by forcing me into “adult” settings, I learned how to be mature even as a preadolescent. Having a unique childhood with distinguishable experiences will shape a person’s maturity and sophistication levels more so than their age. Some people were not…show more content…
Contrasting careers can call for varying maturity levels. In “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie marries two antithetic men. Her first marriage is to Logan Killicks who works laboriously on his farm and does not have a sense of humor. However, Janie’s last marriage is to a man who is relatively the same age as Logan was. His name is Tea Cake and he loves to gamble and go to parties. This is because Tea Cake does not care about the money all he wants is to make life as pleasurable as possible, for both Janie and himself. In comparison, Logan’s ambition in life is to earn money and live a boring and safe life. Tea Cake is immature compared to Logan and that is because not only do their personalities clash, but they have differentiating goals and, thus, must act in contrasting ways. This shows that aspirations are a factor of maturity, not age. Moreover, age is not a factor that determines maturity. For children in less developed or more developed countries, they encounter dissimilar experiences. This may affect their maturity levels as adults. Maturity, or lack thereof, does not depend on
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