Their Eyes Were Watching God Theme

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Love Janie Crawford is our main protagonist in the book “Their eyes were watching god”she lives her life going through failed marriages trying to find true love. Janie was married 3 times one which she was never happy in and left the other two she was happy at a point then they end tragically. Janie 's first marriage was to a man named Logan Killicks who her grandmother forced her to marry for her protection and financial security. Logan was a old man who did not do much he was a very simple man Janie was not happy at all and he left him. Janie 's second marriage came when she left Logan for a man named Joe Starks. Joe promised to give her the world and treat her the way a lady should be treated. Unfortunately Joe had a turn and he turned to be a bad man and ended up dying. After Joe dies Janie meets Teacake the husband who treated her the best but it was the one that ended the worst of them all. Logan was her first marriage Janie did not want to marry him but her grandmother forced her to because Joe was a rich man who owned a lot of land…show more content…
Janie left Logan for Joe and they ran off for a new life. Joe was a rich man so him and Janie go to Eaton and he builds the town from the ground up. Joe became the mayor of eatontown and Janie was forced to act like the mayor 's wife she could not have an opinion of her own. Things start to really change when Joe announces to the people that they are officially a town and he does not allow Janie to say anything saying he did not marry her for that. Janie is very beautiful and everyone knows that she has very long hair that everyone find attractive so Joe makes her wrap her hair up so no one can see it. Janie tries to run away but joe stops her by telling her that she has nothing and nobody will want
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