Their Footsteps: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Following in Their Footsteps

I was raised by a mortician and a music therapist turned band teacher. Their names are Chris and Suzette Price, and they are my parents. They are also, without doubt, the two people who have had the largest impact on my life and on how I view finances. From them, I have learned exactly what goes into starting and running your own business, the importance of a good but affordable education, and the benefits of being financially smart with money. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, but they each took a different path to get where they are today. My dad graduated high school, and then he went on to get his associates degree in mortuary science from Colby Community College. After graduation, he returned home and began working under my grandfather with plans of buying the business from him. Today, he oversees branches of Price and Son 's Funeral Home in four different
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They advised me to dream big but still beware of anything that would prevent me from achieving my ultimate goal. Both of them attended a college that fulfilled their needs but were affordable. My dad attended Colby Community College with that idea in mind, and so too did my mother attend UMKC, which though it was out of state offered her several scholarships to lower the cost. Because of their advice and support, I was not afraid to look outside of the state for a school that 's right for me or to entertain the idea of pursuing a degree in theater stage management. I eventually lowered my options down to two schools: New York University and Kansas State University [K-State or KSU]. Those two schools are just about as different as two colleges could be. In fact, the only similar aspects are that they are both four-year universities and have the best theater program in their respected
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