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The movie, A League of Their Own, is a moving film that depicts how women emerged from the household after World War II. Women before the war were suppose to be women of the house. People felt the only thing a woman was good for was to cook, clean and take care of the children. After World War II, women wanted to leave the house. This movie depicts how women show they can do the same things as men can do. The character I relate to the most in the movie is Kit Keller. Kit Keller was a baseball pitcher. At first, she was not wanted by the scout, insisted she could pitch. She was also hard-headed because she did not listen to the advice of others and felt she knew best. This character’s traits are similar to time. I will not stop try until I…show more content…
Men were seen as the dominant gender and women were seen as incapable. This movie showed the power, strength and equality of women. Through this movie we see that women can do anything they put their mind to no matter what the task. One scene that sticks out to me is when Dottie gets barreled over by Kit. I feel this scene shows that women can endure pain and are strong.The movie demonstrates how women are independent. Women don’t need men to do things for them, they are capable of doing all things. This movies shows that after World War II women emerged from the household and showed their true potential. Baseball was one thing that proved women’s abilities in society, along with many other abilities such as working outside the home.They broke away from the stereotype that women belonged in the home where they would cook, clean and care for the children. They showed that they were not made for the house, they were independent and capable. Women after World War II emerged from the home and showed their true potential. Women were previously seen as incapable, but they proved they were in many ways such as in industries and sports. Women were strong and independent and showed their true gifts when they emerged from the house. In the movie, A League of Their Own, a group of women with a passion came together and made history. They defied all odds and did what everyone thought they couldn’t. They formed the first women’s baseball team and changed the perspective of women
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