Theistic Evolution Theory

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Theistic evolution is one of many theories that suggest the origin of life worldview. Theistic evolution implies that there is higher power, a God who may not directly be related to the origin of life, but is the creator of the building blocks (What is theistic evolution 3). This idea suggests that the higher power created the building blocks, as well as the laws that things in nature follow, and then took a backseat and let creation do the rest. The basic idea of this theory is that “evolution is real just set in motion by God” (Faith Facts). There are also variations of this theory. Some believe that God used evolution as a means of creating, God was in charge of evolution, and God just put the idea in place and watched it work. The main…show more content…
First Corinthians 8:6 states, “But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom all things… and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things and we by Him”. This verse backs up one of the main claims of this God being the Prime leader.
The idea of the “God of the gaps”. Easily counter’s this claim. This idea is based on the fact that Scientists are quick to give credit to God in areas where scientists are not able to find answers. He is assigned to areas evolution cannot explain (10 Dangers of Theistic Evolution). This idea demonstrates that God is not exactly supreme and in some way evolves too. Another aspect of this idea of creation is in Adam and Eve. This theory follows the claims on the Bible, at least the ones pertaining to creation. Adam and Eve are said to be the first humans. Other evolutionists quickly counter this
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The geologic column holding the fossil record signifies long periods of time, and many generations of organisms. Because man did not emerge until later in the fossil record, evolutionists believe that many generations of organisms existed and became extinct many years before mans arrival, so before Adam and his sin (Theistic Evolution). This idea quickly reduces the credibility of the Bible and therefore is foundation of this theory. I found this theory of theistic evolution to be very interesting. To me, at first glance this theory seemed to be a way for modern scientists to comply with ideas of evolution as well as keep their religious beliefs. I continue to feel this way. To some extent most of the points of view I was able to see while researching this theory suggested that there were many contradictory elements between other well-known ideas of evolution and the Bible. This reason makes this theory less
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