Theistic Response To Life Essay

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The theistic response to life 's meaning involves a relationship with a personal God. The relationship between the self and God is defined through different means. There are many different interpretations of what this higher power is, a theist would believe that their God is a powerful, all-loving, and all-powerful being who created the universe. A theist generally would believe that the path of life is determined by the faith that you have in God. Aquinas had found through the analysis of objects on Earth and their relationship with each other that everything has a purpose to live for another. For example, a plant lives for animals and animals live for humans. Because of this chain, we as well are made for something to which Aquinas describes…show more content…
There are many challenges to this theory, mainly due to the fact that most want a reason to exist, regardless of what the reason might be. Many people feel comfortable living their lives knowing that they are dedicating it in some way to a higher power. Many popular theories that would disprove or at least discredit the nihilist theory would be the theist, self-chosen commitment, or human progression theories. Self-chosen commitment regards the meaning of life as a subjective view. They believe that as long as a person were to choose goals that give direction to one 's own life and believes that the goals are valuable and worth pursuing, life will have meaning and value. It is understood that the meaning of life is a choice made by each individual, even if one were to believe that there is a higher power who granted destiny, one would also need to commit to these thoughts and actions internally. Kierkegaard states that life gives one the option to choose their own expectations of life. He believes that finding something that is worth living or dying for is the beginning of life. We are unable to commit ourselves to a meaning that we find through a divine or otherwise powerful force unless we commit to something internally. It is beneficial to the self to find a meaning within one 's own life, and committing one 's self internally to the same
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