Thelma And Louise Essay

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Thelma & Louise (1991) is a crime thriller drama directed by Ridley Scott, about two best friends who plan a weekend getaway which turns into unexpected chase from police after an accidental murder. Through the perceiving jump cut editing, close up cinematography and the creative use of diegetic and nondiegetic sound. The director has successfully created a love story between two best friends. The scene begins with a panning long shot, that shows the establishment and beauty of the Grand Canyon and the cloudy blue sky. Music and sound is completely absent; natural ambience of wind blowing is very soft in background. this helps the audience engage in the peaceful and undisturbed nature of the scenery. Non- diegetic rumbling occurs, this sound…show more content…
Following the jump cuts sound effects of the guns being loaded and police holding their fire. Close up of both louise and thelma show their wide eyes and unsettled facial expressions. Using a this specific closeup helps build the tension in this particular scene, it informs the audience that they are thinking of someway to get out of this terrifying situation. As the scene thickens, the soft music takes over the helicopter noise and concentrates on the two characters in order to really get the audiences to focus on the girl's decision and foreshadows their proposal to drive off the cliff. Using extreme closeups in a 180 degree rule, really helped draw the audience into thelma and louise's minds and to elicit a feeling of mournfulness but also happiness as it really clarifies their friendship and their freedom. Slow motion of Hal, the detective running after the girls. Suggests that he did not know how to react in the ensuring moments before thelma and louise drove off, even though he seriously wanted to save them. Between the slow motion of hal, the girls are in regular movement distortion indicating its too late, and that Hal was to slow to stop
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