Thematic Aspirations Of The Poem By John Keats

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TITLE; Thematic aspirations of the poems “ODE ON A GRECIAN URN” AND “ ODE TO A NIGHTINGALE” JOHN KEATS was an English romantic poet. Who was born in Moorgate, London on 31 october 1795- 23 february 182. He was the eldest of four surviving children .His parents sent him to the john Clarke’s school in enfield for his education which was nearest to his grandparent’s house as they were not able to afford him. At one point of time he desired to become a doctor .Within a month he accepted as a dresser in a hospital .He felt heavy work load and greater responsibilities .After , he felt that he have chosen a stark career. .After, he stated to his guardian that he firmed to be a poet not a surgeon . later keats dedicated more to literature particularly the sonnet .He continued working for his ambition .He went different places for his success in literature .He met different people and joined groups .He learned many things.He started his career in his early age .After many stages of hard work and difficulties he became romantic poet . He was the main figure of second generation of romantic poets. His work published only for four years before his death. His poems were not received by critics in his life time. At the end of 19 th century
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