Thematic Essay: The Lie

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The Lie- Thematic Essay

In most of our lives we have encountered someone who believes that they’re entitled to everything because of their reputation or wealth. There’s times when kids are snobby to others because they have better clothes, a bigger house, more money, or even because they’re ‘popular’ and the other kid isn’t. In the story The Lie by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, there’s multiple times when Eli’s parents believe that because they are Remezel’s, Eli deserves different things than what the other students would receive at the Whitehill Academy for Boys. This story proves to us that you shouldn't act like you are entitled everything and you won't always get your way because of wealth and reputation because when you do you start to take everything
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Remenzel are talking about what Eli’s dorm room will be like.. Sylvia says that because he is a Remenzel, he deserves to get the best things, including the fireplace. Where Dr. Remenzel says that they shouldn't be throwing the Remenzel name around just to get the better things. “That would double the cost… The fireplaces are only for seniors too… Do you think I should demand that Eli be given a fireplace in his room? “ This line is significant because in the beginning of the story, Sylvia said because Eli is a Remenzel he deserves the best things even though he doesn't fit the requirements of it. “... I just can't help thinking people named Remenzel are entitled to ask for a little something extra.” Sylvia thinks that because the Remenzel’s have been at the school since it opened he is entitled to everything and more.
Another detail from the book, The Lie, shows Sylvia believes that Eli should look and act the best in the school even if he isn't entitled to the blazer, for example “I only wish Eli had a blazer on.” Dr. Remenzel then went on and reminded her that Eli wasn’t entitled to a blazer “I know that… Why are you always afraid I’ll embarrass you?” These quotes are important because even though Sylvia likes to remind us that she knows Eli isn’t entitled to something she still believes he should have it, just because he would look
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While this is slightly true they forget the text says this, “... You are not to ask for anything special for Eli- not anything.” Even if Eli didn't lie there was still going to be the pressure on him to be perfect and the double standard that Dr. Remenzel gives out would have still brought him to the council members to get Eli into the school because Dr. Remenzel believes that they are better, until Eli doesn't meet the standards and he's going to do everything he can to get Eli into the school because he thinks he's entitled to
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