Theme And Diction In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

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In Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, the theme is once you look at something from another point of view you understand better. The play does not develop “the misery of them all.” In this story, the author’s tone, or how he feels is encouraging, is best developed by thoughts and conversations of characters, and tone is best developed by diction. The theme is once you look at something from a different point of view you get a better understanding of the situation, and this is best developed through thoughts and conversations of characters. Scrooge said, “The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it costs a fortune.” Normally, Scrooge is at work or home and does not go anywhere else, he was always greedy and rude and everyone is afraid.…show more content…
The text says, “the misery with them all.” The play does not include this scene and it changes the theme. This is because, in the novel, Scrooge starts to change when he saw the ghosts outside his window. When they were alive, they did rude things and thought it was fine, but now they got a new perspective and realized how horrible their actions were. He saw they wanted to change their past actions, but it was to late, so then he started to look at things differently. In the play, Scrooge changes too, but it is because of a different reason. He changed in the play because one of his friends told him he needed to, and this changes the theme because he is no longer changing because he got a different perspective, but he is changing because he got another opinion, and those are two completely different things. As far as tone, one of the best examples of a difference that affects it is the Cratchits house. In the novel, the mother is complaining about how they do not get paid enough, you cannot see any happiness, the meal appears pretty sad and there are words such as “withered little hand”. In the play, the family is laughing, running around, the children are putting on a play and the meal looks a lot better. The play shows how a different perspective is encouraged by making it happier and showing how looking at things different is beneficial, which makes you want to do it. In the novel, during
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