Theme For English B Langston Hughes Analysis

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. In Hughes’s sentences “So will my page be colored that I write? Being me, it will not be white. But it will be a part of you, instructor. You are white- yet a part of me, as I am a part of you. That’s American.” (lines 27-33), the speaker suggests regardless of ethnicity, both he and his professor are identifiable as American. Nobody will grieve alone, since we will all do it and we are all a unit because we share common things. The theme that I see in these two poems is that we should all be treated the same way. In Hughes’s poem, the speaker says how he likes “to eat, sleep. Drink, and be in love.” (line 21), and goes on saying “I guess being colored doesn’t make me not like the same things other folks like who are other races.” (lines 25-26) Even though he is a different race than his classmates and professor he is not drastically unlike them.…show more content…
The speaker of “Theme for English B” identifies himself as a black person, “the only colored student in my class.” (line 10 ) He describes his experiences with segregation and racism, a common problem during that time. Being black back then was hard, they had to deal with a lot of racism. The speaker was willing to pursue an education even though it meant suffering from others. Hughes promoted equality. Everything in life was harder and more limited for a black person back then. There are now laws that are against racism and prejudice, even though it still exists today, at least now it’s illegal. The poem “Any Human to Another” displays the idea of coming together. In the second stanza. “.” Two different people are being compared to a sea and a river, but despite having differences, they have a common identity as bodies of water. People shouldn’t be isolates because of differences. This poem reminds people that they are bound together by the feeling of grief and sorrow. Cullen emphasized that other people should learn to understand other peoples perspectives and
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