Theme For Lusus Naturae

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Theme for “Lusus Naturae” Rejection can make one feel alone, helpless, and out of place, and it’s a feeling that can make someone feel like they are no good, or that they aren’t worthy of a good life. All throughout the story, we are given examples of how the young girl is shamed and rejected. She was never accepted for who she was and this made her do things, sometimes extreme to help out her family. She knew she would never fit in, and her actions proved just that. While reading the story, you can tell in the narrators’ tone that she feels rejected and excluded. She is not happy and I’m sure, just like her family, she wonders “why her?” She is rejected and never accepted for who she really is. She is different. She’s not like anyone else and she knows that. She had “yellow eyes, pink teeth, red fingernails, and dark hair on her arms and chest” (225). The doctors called her a “Freak of nature”, and they thought that she couldn’t hear them because of the “mewing” she did. (225) Just hearing that I am sure made her feel even worse than she had before. It wasn’t hard to see that she was different. The family would always ask “why us?” or “maybe it’s a curse” or “she was fine for years”, and the list would go on and on. (225) She didn’t feel like she belonged and her family…show more content…
One day, she got to close and “too visible” (227). She saw people a boy and a girl, and she saw the things they were doing. She saw the normal things they were doing, the things that she wished she could do, but she couldn’t. They weren’t like her and she knew that. She knew she wasn’t like anyone else. She approached the boy, just wanting to kiss him like she had saw the other girl do, but things went terribly wrong for her. They saw her (227), and they knew where she went. She was rejected and put to shame once again, when the whole village came after her to burn her home and her life to the ground. She knew it was over at that very
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