Theme Of Abuse In Harry Potter

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Abuse in Harry Potter: First Chapter Analysis The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling contains a substantial motif of child abuse which I will trace within the first chapter of the first volume. In an empowering yet brutal measure, the book abuses Harry, yet understates its consequences. The narrative informs us how small Harry is for his age, and how he eats only small quantities of bread and cheese when guests are expected, quite reminiscent of the meager meals of many 19th century orphan heroes such as Jane Eyre. We are also acquainted with how the dark cupboard Harry inhabits might have contributed to his speed when chased by bullies. We can gain further insight about this aspect of abuse by looking at the first chapter which provides a succinct foreshadowing of the later exploitation and neglect in the series. Apparent in this chapter are the elements of segregation, denial of truth and curiously, a humoristic attitude. These manifest in a smaller scope in this chapter, but take a considerable space in the series. One of the most curious narrative choices is that the narrator is a close third person, often gazing from Harry’s perspective. In view of this personal narration I would expect more reference to Harry’s suffering and certainly more critical attention to his miserable circumstance, either by narrator, or by the adult characters. More signs of mental suffering, besides a willingness to comply with his destiny to fight Voldemort would not be excessive as well.
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