Theme Of Abuse Of Power In The Crucible

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Imagine a world where a group of of girls manipulate a town with their words and actions. In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, several Puritans are falsely accused of dancing with the devil. Many who were accused, sacrificed others in order to save themselves and many innocent lives were taken. In The Crucible, several aspects of the Puritan worldview such as the fear of the unknown and the abuse of power contributed to the mass hysteria.
However, fear of the unknown corrupted the citizens. For example, Mrs.Putnam, She has had eight children but lost seven of them. Mrs.Putnam finding out the Abigail was dancing in the woods with the girls and Tituba makes her feel uneasy. In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, Mrs.Putnam tells Parris, “They were murdered, Mr Parris! And mark this
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Mark it! Last night Ruth were ever so close to their little spirits, I know it, sir. For how else is she struck dumb now expect some power of darkness would stop her mouth?”(Miller 16.) Mrs.Putnam's remorse of her lost children and feeling like she may lose Ruth tips her to the edge of convincing Mr. Putnam that Tituba is responsible for witchcraft. He then demands that Tituba answer his questions regarding her involvement with witchcraft. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam portray their fear of witchcraft in this event by believing that witchcraft exist even though they have no actual proof. In the article, Beware the Loss of Conscience; The Crucible as warning for today, by Judith A. Gerjak explains how as we lose ownership of our conscience there's consequences. This happens when Mrs. and Mr.Putnam portray their fear of witchcraft even though they have no proof. Gerjak comments, “Mass conscience which leads to mass hysteria
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