Theme Of Abuse Of Power In The Kite Runner

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The biggest way Amir abuses his power in The Kite Runner is by his knowledge. He realizes that Baba treats Hassan better, so Amir becomes jealous. Amir continues to behave rudely toward Hassan, for he is filled with indignation. Amir continually feels that Hassan is subordinate to him. Also, Amir teases Hassan about his illiteracy and isn’t particularly nice. Even after his unscrupulous rape, Hassan was still vehemently loyal towards Amir. Havoc broke out in the household when Amir and Hassan weren’t getting along. This made Amir take more advantage over Hassan. Also, Baba abuses his power towards Amir. Baba had a perfect image of a son and expected Amir to fit this image. Through Amir’s thoughts, we learn that Baba is aloof. Baba
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