Theme Of Adolescence In The Film 'Mean Girls'

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Adolescence is a time where we let go of the innocence of childhood and start exploring the deep and dark world of Adulthood. Your body starts changing, you start feeling emotions you never have felt before and you begin to see the world from a different perspective. Seeing a new perspective brings charges of its own for example fighting with your parents, arguments, friendship problems and conflict. In both the novel ‘Cedar B Hartley’ written Martine Murray and the movie ‘Mean Girls’ directed by Mark Waters, the adolescence issues of Bullying and Identity are explored. The novel ‘Cedar B Hartley’ is about a 12 year old girl beginning to go through adolescence experiencing bullying, meeting new people and discovery new things she never knew. In the movie…show more content…
Her bully, Harold Barton, tends to say mean things about her not having a dad and her brother running away. This shows as Harold says “Face the facts. You and you brother are weirdos. And you got no dad” This of course brings her self-esteem down but Cedar doesn’t really care about what he says. She then realises that Harold can say all he wants as everything he says is because he just wants to hurt her feelings and she doesn’t need to even think about what he says to her. As you can tell Bullying is another major issue in the film ‘Mean Girls’ and just like Cedar, Cady also has to face the problems that bullying can arise. Regina tells Cady “That is the ugliest effing skirt I 've ever seen.” This makes Cady feel uncomfortable towards Regina’s previous comment about her bracelet and shows Regina likes to compliment first but then talk badly about whoever she just complimented behind their back. Cady realises that what people say in front your face and behind your back are could be very
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