Theme Of Adversity In Literature

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In many novels, plays, and anything of literature, comes many themes. One of these themes being triumphing over adversity, which is apparent in Life of Pi, Hamlet, and The Great Gatsby. When adversity arises, people are faced with a decision to make. Every novel just listed contains many examples of this theme, as in Pi’s fight for survival out at sea and survives, and in Hamlet when Hamlet’s father is murdered and the ghost of his father tells him to seek revenge on his father’s killer, Claudius, which in the end Hamlet achieves by proving Claudius’s guilt in Act 3, during the play. Lastly, in The Great Gatsby an example of this theme would be Gatsby’s haunting past, so he works and becomes wealthy so that he can be what she really wants. The three writers of these pieces of literature, in…show more content…
Every novel or play usually has a climax, which is where the adversity is the biggest. Some adversity may be in fact relatively self-made, meaning the character made their own trouble and are at their own fault for their suffering. All three pieces of literature contain many examples of conflict, literary devices and suffering.
Throughout each novel or play, a recurring theme is none other than the theme of conflict. In Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel, are many examples of this theme. The first example of conflict in this novel could be man vs. self, Pi is at a constant battle with himself, because when he is out at sea he has to make many decisions, like deciding what is most important to him, staying alive or being true to himself. Another example of man vs. self would be in Pi’s second story without the animals, the hyena represents the cook. When the cook amputates the sailors infected leg, it was done to save his life but the cook admitted that he actually did it for bait but it was not effective enough as it was decayed, and the
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