Theme Of Alienation In Of Mice And Men

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The novel Mice and Men of the most beautiful Steinbeck novels that he mixes between the suffering of farmers workers that they embrace their imagination the dream to own a farm it ends in tragedy painful that it increases the sense of injustice, Of Mice and Men provide satire of the concept of the American dream and the consequent of the suffering of selfishness that leads to unfortunate and sad end as is the case with George, Lennie and Curley 's wife, Crooks, and Candy. The novel reflects sad reality tragic after World War I, and the situation of migrant and poor workers in agricultural and rural areas such as Texas and California, and economic recession and the collapse of financial market in 1929, while many of farmers lost their property and Forced to look for other work and increased unemployment rate, also the writer shows the sad reality that imposed on black Americans, unity and alienation. The two main characters in the novel are presented first by their description and after that with their names. Their physical depiction underscores both their likenesses and their distinction. They both wear smaller clothes and convey blanket rolls, and the bigger man mimics the littler. Yet, they are more disparate than they are indistinguishable: One is huge and abnormal; the other little and painstakingly characterized. Lennie, the bigger man, along intensely like a bear; George is little and has slim arms and little hands. Despite the fact that George 's life would be
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