Theme Of Alienation In The Invisible Man

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The story of the novel is divided into the three-act plot. The act-one of the novel describes the protagonist has been drawn in completely to a conflict. The second act deals with Griffin 's life, he is farthest away from his goals. The third-act is about the story resolved. The novel The Invisible Man explores the theme of alienation that how Griffin 's experimentation has transformed him into an invisible man led to his complete isolation from other people in the society. His brilliance has set him apart from the other. The desperation of his loneliness can be seen through his savage and brutal attacks on people: he can neither eat nor sleep in peace. Eventually, Griffin died a death of the lonely hunted man with no friends. The climax happened once Griffin returned to Kemp 's house aiming to build an associate example of Kemp for having betrayed him. Kemp escaped out the window, however, before being long followed by a mythical monster that will see him though he cannot see the Invisible Man. That whole town will be quickly involved in the pursuit. "[….] but, as a rule, I like to be alone and undisturbed." (p.30) This line has shown that the stranger prefers to be alone. He was a young medical student who believed in the discoveries of science but felt uncomfortable working under his professor. He wanted to discover how a human body can be invisible and wanted to grasp the entire credit by himself. Therefore, he discontinued working with his professor and moved to a
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