Theme Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Every human trait has the potential to be shaped into one 's failure or success, keeping balance and control in said traits is crucial in determining a person 's outcome. In WIlliam Shakespeare 's play, Macbeth, he displays Macbeth 's trait of ambition as one that manifests uncontrollably, which eventually becomes his flaw. In Macbeth, Shakespeare illustrates the growth of Macbeth 's ambition as it furthers the eradication of his spiritual, mental and moral self. Duncan’s murder highlights the start of his destruction, with him losing his sanity, connection with God, and morals. Furthermore, he is unable to choose the honourable decision to restore his innocence, presented by the murder of his best friend. Followed by Macbeth 's failure to recognize his inability save himself from the destruction that he has brought upon him. In the play Macbeth Shakespeare explores the idea of pivotal choice having the power to affect one’s psyche and emotions. Shakespeare created the character Macbeth, the tragic hero whom starts off honourable but makes his descent into evil. His vaulting ambition becomes his hamartia which develops into the responsibility for the actions leading to his downfall. Macbeth’s significant goal is power and control, and his ambition drives him to make decisions which will ultimately fulfill his goals. By making such decisions, he is faced with a morality issue, contemplating between right and wrong. Shakespeare introduces the motif of light and dark to

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