Theme Of Ambition In Missippi Trial

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Tricky Ambition Ambition can be a very tricky thing. Too much ambition can sometimes be bad. However if someone uses ambition in the correct way, it can be a very good thing. In the book Mississippi Trial, 1955, Hiram, the main character, goes through phases where he has the right amount of ambition and times when he has too much. When Hiram decided to get to the bottom of what happened to Emmett Till that was the correct amount of ambition and determination. But, when Hiram kept questioning his father about why he didn’t want him going to Greenwood, Mississippi to see his grandfather, that was the wrong way to use his ambition. This then put him and his father at odds and would ultimately end up proving to be dangerous to himself. All in all there were times when Hiram used ambition the right way but certainly times when he used it in the wrong way. In the beginning of the book, Hiram was a young boy about 7 years of age. He doesn’t understand why his father hates the south. Hiram also doesn’t understand why his father also doesn’t like how much time he is spending with his grandfather. For two years Hiram does everything with his grandfather and he doesn’t believe that to be a wrong way to spend his time. Hiram doesn’t understand that the way his grandpa runs his business might be wrong, “Work? You mean your grandpa will drive out there and watch those boys sweating in his fields while he sits in his truck drinking lemonade and reading the paper...You have yourself a

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