Theme Of Ambition In The Crucible

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare and The Crucible by Arthur Miller share a common theme in that when humans attempt to pursue their ambitions they become easily corruptible. What is ambition? Google defines ambition as a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. The idea that human ambition is easily corruptible is true both in 11th century Scotland, in 16th century Salem and in the 21st century that we live in today. Ambition drives us to do things outside of the social norm. We lie, cheat and even kill to get to the top. But once we are at the top, what then? Where do we go from there? When we try to justify ourselves and stay on top we end up lying more, cheating more, manipulating people more…show more content…
You’d never think that she would be able to commit murder would you? But Abigail has a secret, she has been in a relationship with John Proctor, a married man. Now she wants to not just be a second wheel. But to become serious she has to get rid of John’s wife Elizabeth Proctor. In the play the Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor is married to John, she knows that he had a relationship with Abigail. She knows that he ended the relationship with Abigail and is adamant about making things right with her, his wife. Abigail knows this and wants John to want her again so she has devised a plan that will not only get rid of Elizabeth but anyone else that she has beef with. Abigail’s ambition causes many people to be killed in the name of witchcraft. Abigail lists off people to Reverend Hale a specialist in demonology that she’s supposedly seen dancing with “the devil” Abigail is also one of the jury in the courthouse. She has manipulated the courthouse to her will and as a result many people have been sentenced to death. Abigail has been corrupted through her affair with John Proctor and through her ambition in trying to get Elizabeth out of the picture. She no longer cares about who gets hurt so long as she gets her
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