Theme Of Ambition In The Great Gatsby

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In life, the most crucial point is to realize the ambitions that someone seeks as soon as possible because one never knows if there is to be a tomorrow. No one ever really knows when they are going to die, so they must take the time to contemplate their life, ambitions, hopes, and goals. A person cannot be truly happy without achieving something in their life, so if the person never discerns what they wish to achieve then they will never have the ability to be truly happy. They will be lacking the knowledge to reach their dream, fight for it, and triumph in the end. Every second a person lives, they are a second closer to their death; no one knows when their time will finally run out. Jay Gatsby, in the novel The Great Gatsby, was somewhat…show more content…
He did not allow his meager beginnings to dictate his future, but instead attained what many would consider impossible. Gatsby may not have gained his money legally, but in the end he still achieved one of his goals. He did not allow his moral convictions to hinder his route to wealthiness. Gatsby was thorough about his display of genuine wealth, which was surprising to many at his parties. Owl Eyes who was studying Gatsby’s books, concludes, “Absolutely real -- have pages and everything” (Fitzgerald 45). Gatsby’s money was very real, and many people experienced it at his parties nearly every weekend. His parties were extravagant with music, alcohol, and dancing along with many other activities. According to “An Overview of The Great Gatsby” by Casie E. Hermanson, “Gatsby conforms to an ideal of himself that transforms reality into possibility” (Hermanson 1). He came from less money and managed to establish himself at West Egg with a mansion and the rank to support his love. Gatsby was a man that lived at West Egg, designated only to those who have new money and were not born into luxury. Therefore, he was a man that had realized his dreams and made them reality achieving his ambition of
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