Theme Of Ambition In The Iliad

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In stories, such as The Iliad by Homer and The Life of Themistocles by Plutarch, two Greek characters were highly recognized as crucial to the Greek victory they both took a part of. In the Iliiad, the character Odysseus took a great role in the victories that led to winning the long 10 year Trojan War. In the Life of Themistocles, Plutarch spoke on how Themistocles also played a large role on the Greek victory in defeated the Persians. These two characters were highly alike in many factors in terms of skills, strenth and strategies as individuals and leaders but also distincitly different. From the beginning of their early life, it is easily distinguisable how different these two characters were. Odysseus was born in a rich and royal family. He was the son Leartes, King of Ithaca. A decendent of Hermes, the son of Zeus and Pleiad Maia. Being born into such family he bound to
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The similarity within ambition is that it drove them into their victories. They both had the ambition to do better and be better so they could be glorified and praise. Both having this characteristics however the reasons behind it were unalike. Odysseus wanted to glorified within his own circle. Already being royalty he did not need much glory given to him in that aspect, however he wanted glory within his peers. For Themistocles, he wanted to glorified within his city state of Athens. He wanted to have a great…show more content…
Odysseus took on action and used his persuasion to defeat the Trojans and Themistocles used his reactiveness and persuasion to defeat the Persians at
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