Theme Of Anger Of A Child By Adrienne Rich

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The Anger of a Child written by Adrienne Rich depicts the furious in a child towards her mother in the way of her upbringing at the earlier part of the story but change to the feeling of understanding after experiencing motherhood herself. Throughout the story, the author describes her dissatisfaction towards her mother who always being loyal to her father in the matter of raising their children where she depicts it in the beginning of paragraph 4, “For years, I felt my mother had chosen my father over me, had sacrificed me to his needs and theories.” The strong theme of motherhood also can be seen in the background of the story. It is highlighted in the role of the author’s mother and her struggle in juggling between her role as the mother towards her daughters and as the wife towards her husband. The author emphasizes how the rivalry between mother and daughter melt down after experiencing and sharing the reality of motherhood. Along the storyline of article, the author’s father is only being a minor character. His lacks of presence shows the silent hatred of the author towards her father. Her tones when depicting the father is full of sarcastic where clearly written in paragraph 6. The author expressed her anger and dismay for the time that she had been punished or taught by her mother in the insistence of her father sarcastically. The father’s character is to my dislike because he used his superiority as the husband to order his wife to raise up a “perfect daughter”

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