Theme Of Archetype In Beowulf

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Every culture has rules and customs written in stone, in which they describe to be the perfect human being. This person is usually made into a hero and with all these perfect traits comes a perfect story to be told, it is usually told as an epic. There is always something that separates this character from the rest, from extraordinary strength to humble leadership. According to T. Mercadal, “The hero archetype is an ideal person (usually male) who possesses virtues and outstanding traits meant to be admired and imitated, such as courage, leadership, noble sentiments, self-sacrifice, bravery, and strength.” This assertion portrays the main characteristics of the Germanic heroic Code that are presented throughout the poem. The qualities of the Anglo-Saxon hero are well established by Beowulf's actions. He aspires to live by the code to ensure a type of immortality by keeping the memory of him alive within his loving people. Beowulf is undoubtedly…show more content…
While others bask in their cowardly ambiance, taking shelter is the first thought to cross their mind, Beowulf on the other hand makes true to his word and time after time again slays the terrifying monster. It was almost as if he wasn't afraid of death, and if he thought that maybe he would die he still fought. No matter the circumstance he makes the best out of it and comes out victorious. The integrity and selflessness that Beowulf shows is unmatched by any other. He unlike most other heroes isn't corrupted by the riches and glory that is presented to him. Once there is corruption in a hero his/her production comes to a halt, this doesn’t take place in Beowulf. His name is known for his courageous acts (Beowulf 140.) He left his homeland to aid king Hrothgar in cleansing the land of Danes from the demon monster Grendel who once attacked the great hall and killed thirty of Hrothgar’s men (Beowulf

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