Theme Of Archetypes In Beowulf

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“Beowulf” is an old English heroic poem written in the Anglo-Saxon Era. While the battles of Beowulf were mesmerizing, the concept of defending the civilians throughout the whole poem was self- evident. Even so, the poem contains many types of archetypes; situational, character and symbolic.
Beowulf hears the monstrous acts of Grendel and sets forward towards a quest to conquer the wild beast. “ So Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find, the bravest and best of the Geats… he knew the sea, would point the prow straight to that distant Danish Shore” ( L.120-124). Typically a quest is known as going out with one thing on your mind. Accomplishing and rejoicing the land of the Danes was Beowulf’s motive. Another example of situational
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1-2). Specifying Grendel as a monster immediately alerts the reader that he is an outcast of the society, evil, and threatening. Of course, Beowulf is seen as a hero who brings hope and wisdom to both the Danes and Geats. “ Danes and visiting Geats celebrated as one, drank and rejoiced” ( L.231-232). Furthermore, Beowulf rejoiced the people typically what a hero can be seen doing. Beowulf had more than one character archetype, the second one being a mentor. His ability to be valued, and showing his men what to accomplish to become somewhat like him is shown throughout the whole poem, as written “ The Geats stayed, sat sadly, watching, imagining they saw their lord but not believing they would ever see him again” ( L. 559-561). His men have been mentored by Beowulf for a long time, typically they’ve grown to think like him. Knowing how their leader is, they don’t give up on him nor put themselves into the situation of believing that Beowulf could have perished. Of course, Beowulf mentored them well into thinking and letting them know that the fight never is over. Another example of a character archetype found in “Beowulf”, is Hrothgar. His position as king genuinely symbolizes someone willing to stand for their people, and protect their kingdom. Hrothgar, although negligent, having Beowulf fight for him and his people can be seen as a sign of a “good”
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