Theme Of Arrogance In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible highlights a human frailty, arrogance, responsible for the witch hysteria in the 1690s. Each character portrays arrogance which make him abuse power. The play explores the human nature of being arrogant and the fear of tarnishing one's reputation, by acting unmorally. Through Hale's, Parris's, and Danforth's actions, Miller indicates that arrogance is the frailty most responsible for the witch hysteria. Initially Reverand Hale's education and which portrays him as arrogant and lets him assume that he has the power to accuse innocent people of witchcraft, however after he realizes the effect that his power has on innocent people, he quits the court.
Initially Miller describes Hale as having the "...pride of the specialist whose unique knowledge has
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This clouds his judgement to analyze evidence presented by the suspects of witchcraft. Danforth says,"We burn a hot fire here, it melts down all concealment", this quote shows that the the court only hears the truth and supposedly ignores the lies" (83). This is an inaccurate and an ironic statement. Even though, Danforth says that the court ignores all the lies to get to the truth, it is evident that this happens through the accusation of innocent girls. Danforth's power blinds him to the truth, and prevents him from seeing the effect that his actions have on the lives of innocent people Arthur Miller argues that being fearful or damaging one's reputation is what caused people to act irrationally and against their morals, coming off as selfish and arrogant, and leading to the Salem Witch Hysteria. Through the characterization of Hale, Parris and Danforth, it is evident how excessive pride makes people unwilling to admit to their mistakes, with the fear of a reputation damage. Miller's descriptions of the frailty of arrogance, can be used as an example of how arrogance turns people against each
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