Theme Of Atticus Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Multiple characters in To Kill a Mockingbird are discriminated against, one that stuck out was Atticus. He was discriminated against multiple times, for example, on the way he raises his children, for defending a black man in court, and for just being a poor white person white person. Those are just a few ways that Atticus is discriminated against in the novel. Atticus is discriminated against on the way that he chooses to raise his children. In the novel several times people tell Atticus that he doesn’t raise his kids right, for example Miss Maudie says “”...erected an absolute morphodite in that yard! Atticus, you’ll never raise ‘em!””,(91), Ms.Dubose, as well as Aunt Alexandria also agree that he not an adequate father because he tells his kids the truth. Even though Atticus raised his…show more content…
Even though during the time of this novel, white people were known to be racist and to segregate all people of color, people of color would discriminate against white people because they were jealous/mad at them. When Atticus’ children go to church a black person stops them and lets them know that they have their own church and that they shouldn’t go there because they are the ones who separated them from each other in the first place. Atticus is discriminated against when that the group of people came to the jail to beat up him and Tom Robinson. They were there to put Atticus in his place that he needs to stay away from black people because they feel that he shouldn’t be even associating with him because this was around the time of segregation. In to Kill a Mockingbird Scout asks “Are we poor, Atticus?” Atticus nodded. “We are indeed.” Jem’s nose wrinkled. “Are we as poor as the Cunninghams?” “Not exactly...the crash hit them the hardest,” (27). This shows when Jem is acting biased against his father because he doesn’t want to be poor like the Cunninghams, even though it isn’t his fault they are
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