Theme Of Augustus In The Aeneid

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During the reign of Augustus, the Aeneid was written by Virgil. It depicts Aeneas as the hero a strong and powerful leader. It can be said that there are many parallels between Aeneas and Augustus in that it portrays his reign in an admirable light, and associates Augustus to a positive portrayal of Aeneas. The importance of Virgil’s Aeneid to the romans is an emotional and mental one. I can say that it awoke the romans pride of their city. It gave them a sense of identity and belonging to a great nation they are citizens of. Instead of Rome being portrayed as a violent, forceful, controlling and manipulative city on conquest to expand the nation, it was depicted as a city that lead with fairness and loyalty. A nation that is for the people by the people. Virgil encouraged Roman pride and patriotism by stressing the importance of family and heritage and by affiliating Rome with greatness. There are three parallels to me between Aeneid and the politics during the life of Augustus. In the Aeneid, Aeneas is depicted as the only hope for the rebirth of the powerful Trojan people. With divine authority, Aeneas and Augustus ' are both symbolic in…show more content…
They both had loyalty to the gods and family. According to history Aeneas travels to the underworld at Cumae with help of the Sybil Oracle where he sees his father Anchises, who enlightens him of his destiny as well as the destiny of the Roman people. Anchises informs Aeneas 's that his descendant Romulus will be the founder of the city of Rome, which will eventually be ruled by Caesar Augustus. You can see the correlation between Augustus and Aeneas. They both uphold heavy responsibilities of a nation. Aeneas and Augustus are connected in the politics and control of Rome. Virgil writes about the destined future of the city that Aeneas will found, which will be ruled under the golden reign of
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