Theme Of Authority In The Crucible

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When reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller the audience is pulled into a world of lies, witchcraft, and overwhelming authority. The book takes place in Salem massachusetts in 1692 where a group of girls are claiming witchcraft on whomever they may please, and following accusations by these ever so trusted girls characters must either confess to the acts of witchcraft or likely hang for lying about it. But there is also one main theme that is prominent in the crucible which is that authority is used as a way to convey oneself as dominant. The hierarchy of authority in the story is used as the audience reads through the book, they see more that authority is a way to convey themselves as dominant to characters who may be thought as lesser to them.
In the story the Crucible many homeowners use authority to make their servants do what they want. Authority is a large theme that is used in the story, the audience sees many examples of when authority is used to convey dominance to some characters
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There are many themes that occur in the story as the audience reads but none more prominent than that of authority because homeowners use authority to make their home servants do what they want, there is a hierarchy used in the story where characters use authority to show dominance, and authority is used to determine the actions of many characters in the story. Authority is something all men and women have seen at one time in life a mother and the authority gained by having a child is something many know all too well. And in the crucible the authority used is that to show dominance between characters and to show the superiority that many hold dear. In life known today there are many who have the authority to shut down the likings of others, so even today there are still acts of authority over others that the audience sees so much of whle reading the
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