Theme Of Blindness In King Lear

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The English dictionary defines blindness as “The state or condition of being unable to see because of injury, disease, or a congenital condition”. In terms of Shakespeare, the word takes on a completely different meaning: Blindness is not a physical disability, but rather a mental flaw.(SP 3) In King Lear by Shakespeare, Lear, as well as other major characters including Gloucester and Albany, portray this theme. Derived from their blindness, each character makes decisions which they go on to regret; nevertheless, they learn from their actions as well.(SP 1A). King Lear is the beholder of great power is expected to “see” through all that is not good; however, his lack of “sight” prevents him from doing so.(SP 1A). His blindness surfaces when he is lured…show more content…
By the end of the play only one “blind” character lives, Goneril 's husband, Albany. Although he seems well, his actions throughout the play are motivated by the love he has for Goneril and this love has blinded him of Goneril 's cruel ways. He see’s her true colors here and there but his love for her, like a blanket, covers them up and hold her in great esteem. It is only around when Glouster loses his eyes that Albany becomes wise of his wife’s ominous ways. Blinded by the love he has for her, was unable to see how Goneril tricked Lear into giving her half of his kingdom and threw him out in times of need but now in his senses he challenges Goneril by questioning her loyalty to him “Tigers, not daughters, what have you perform/ see thyself devil. (Act 4 Scene 1 Lines 49 and 73)” From this point on Albany, like Lear and Gloucester is able to see, but unlike Lear and Gloucester, blindness works in Albany’s favor for when he fights through it his character transcends into someone far stronger than he was under the shades of his wife, and more trustworthy to the readers. He thought Goneril had the same goals as him, but turns out she had other intentions; his, love; hers, total
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