Theme Of Brotherhood In Sonny's Blues

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What truly defines a brother? Is it the textbook definition of a male who shares the parents as you or does it go beyond that as defined by specific characteristics and qualities? In the short story, Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, the theme of brotherhood is at the framework of this expertly told work as Sonny and the narrator subliminally realize how deep the term, brother truly goes. As with any story, there are specific moments or events in the plot which craft the universal themes of the work and allow for analysis of the more abstract purpose in the author writing that particular scene. Some will argue that these scenes in which aid readers in identifying universal themes of the work are pivotal in moving the work’s plot along. The death of the narrator’s daughter, Grace is a central part of the story because thereafter the narrator stays in contact with Sonny which was a pivotal point for the narrator of coming to the realization he needs Sonny as his brother. To begin, the narrator wrote Sonny in hopes of having someone who understood pain and darkness as the narrator felt in the wake of his daughter’s death. For instance, the author writes this seemingly short yet powerful sentence, “My trouble made his real.”(110) . At the core of this quote, the narrator uses the word “trouble” in describing the pain…show more content…
The narrator comes to recognize being a brother in an abstract light is looking out for another whether or not it is in times of peril. Following Grace’s death, the narrator remains in constant contact with Sonny going as far as to support him financially and provide living arrangements. This connotes to the author realizing he must be there for his brother and their bond proves unbreakable. Despite the turbulent past between the brothers,they are bonded by brotherhood which will guide them in continuing a lasting
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